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Welcome to Ginard Design. Get unique and exclusive art design for hi-end cars, private jets, luxury yachts... Be exclusive with a Ginard design as your own brand... (more)
Art'N'Cars, exclusive art design for hi-end cars ... (more)
Ginard hi-end car designs
Art'N'Yachts, unique art design for luxury yachts ... (more)
Ginard yacht designs
Art'N'Jets, exclusive art design for private jets... (more)
Ginard jet designs
Recent performances, events, art fairs... by Ginard.
> Art N' Sound, Taujart 2016 Art Fair
Art N' Sound performance at Taujart Art Fair, Santa Eugènia. This is a column made by construction bricks and a pallet, digital and handmade printing. Light and sound in a unique artistic design performance. Art N' Sound copyright by Ginard. Live session by Fractal Device (copyright by its owner). Listen it here:
Ginard TAUJART 2016 Art Fair
> SLS South Beach event, Miami (2015)
Introducing my latest works from 'Structures collection'. Two pallets and a column. 2015 December, at SLS South Beach Hotel. South Beach, Miami. Artworks: Structures -9, Structures -10, Structures -13. Light and sound performance in a unique art pieces. Copyright by Sebastian Ginard. Art Basel events, SLS South Beach Hotel, South Beach, Miami.
Ginard SLS event Miami
> Hibiscus Island Event, Miami (2015)
Introducing my latest works from 'Structures collection'. Pallets and a columns. 2015 December. Exhibition during Art Basel Miami events. Hibiscus Island. South Beach, Miami.
Ginard Hibiscus Island event Miami
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